Building the Church with a Country State in mind.


Reaching people with a country state of mind by: starting a network of churches in the country, raising high impact leaders, and developing committed followers who serve Christ by serving people, all with a strong conviction that God deserves our best.


We believe… in reaching people with country mindsets and values that have been overlooked.
We believe… there is high church saturation in the Southern U.S., but growth, effectiveness, and relevance are low. These country people deserve a high-quality church that is FOR the community with a life-giving, energetic, and down-home atmosphere. We are flexible in methodology and our ministry model is location specific while maintaining key CITC values.
We believe… in a healthy tension between grace and truth. We love people where they are, but too much to leave them where they are.
We believe… in creating an atmosphere where men want to go to church and providing opportunities for men to grow as leaders, because when a man leads as God desires, great things happen.
We believe… that God deserves our best, so we cannot settle for mediocrity in a cultural context that often does. We strive to be innovative, not limitative (Limiting beliefs). We foster generosity in a culture of entitlement.
We believe… in being intentional about raising up kingdom-minded, high-impact leaders that lead well in their homes, workplaces, communities, and churches.
We believe… in developing committed followers of Christ by connecting them to a community of believers that love and care about them, while helping them grow in their understanding of the Bible, realize the importance of prayer, and enjoy the benefits of service.