What to Expect

Come As You Are

We want people to feel comfortable to come and dress like they would on a normal day. We provide an atmosphere where people are not judged but are welcomed regardless of their habits and hang-ups.


We love music and ours is geared toward people with a country state of mind! 90s to Current Positive Country Music, Old time Gospel Favorites, and Modern worship with a Country Sound is what you will hear every Sunday from our live band.

Look & Feel

It’s like going to Church in Bass Pro Shops. Our facilities feel like home. Earth tone colors and wildlife mounts with lots of rustic wood is what you’ll see. It’s a place you’ll feel comfortable.

The Next Generation

We care about kids, teens, moms, dads, and families! You’ll find some great programs for families at Church in the Country.


Sermons and messages are Biblically conservative and doctrinally sound (Southern Baptist Doctrine). It’s important to us that what church goers hear on Sundays is a message that can be applied to their lives. We generally preach in series that last anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks.

We Embrace God & Country

We consider it a great blessing to live in America and we often celebrate that. We’re thankful for those who’ve served in the military, first responders, law enforcement, and other often “thankless” jobs. Their sacrifices are in line with the greatest sacrifice in human history—Jesus, sacrificing His life for all of us.